Keiko Onose went on it in 2006 to found YOUR SANCTUARY Co.Ltd. after 13 years working for United Arrows, an established multi-branded retailer in Japan, as a women’ s fashion director.

Her interest is to create the best and refined wardrobe for the women of established personality and deep insight into true quality, which makes them feel even more confident in themselves.

She opened the shop under the name of The SECRETCLOSET in 2007, it embodies the welcoming atmospheres like her own living room and represents hospitality in such a manner as embracing the friends. The SECRETCLOSET is a specialty store featuring international luxury designer’ s pieces, as well as the ready-to-wear collections designed by herself.

The SECRETCLOSET has been gradually became famous among fashion influencers ranging from fashion enthusiasts to editors and actresses, and her unique shops are the “Longing shop” for fashion lovers in Japan.

She made a great commercial success, running 5 shops in TOKYO and her collection is also available at top department stores such as Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya as well as leading retailers in JAPAN.

In Pre-Fall 2016 season, her ready-to-wear collection officially launched as “CYCLAS” , representing its global debut in Paris in January 2016. The collection was widely praised by international journalists and buyers alike. In July 2016, CYCLAS will be available exclusively in the NY at Bergdorf Goodman, worldwide leading retailers at 8 doors in 6 countries, besides JAPAN.